Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Watching all the ladies stampede down the Fall 09 catwalks in pair after pair of gloves brought to mind one of the best uses of inspiration I have ever seen. Years ago, when I was in Philly on the Free People design team, one of the girls brought in some of her work; in a creative place where anything goes, everybody was blown away. Doub Hanshaw, whose handwriting has shaped the FP brand immeasurably, created these unexpected masterpieces out of vintage gloves. These lovely and twisted little ladies stuck with me all these years, it's just such an incredible and open minded way to create. Creativity must run in the family because Doub's sister is behind the consistently inspiring Free People blog. Thanks Doub, for sharing, and a special thanks to her mom for shooting these for us!

From Doub-
"Well what became fascinating for me when I started the glove project was how elaborately detailed each pair of gloves were. And with each glove it's delicate little details really dictated each design. I had become obsessed with gloves and was scouring the city for them mainly for the strange need to cut one of the pair up into a silhouette. I still have such an appreciation for the amazing craftsmanship and design of gloves. "

*I still miss Philly.


lintmag said...

These are so cool! I was reminded of some of the great things in this month's Selvedge magazine which has an article on mending. Beautiful things can come out of something so unexpected.

Lauren said...

i love this post. and philly don't miss you sucka. good morning asshole!

Dallas Shaw said...

love the pink sheer gloves